Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Happy (belated) birthday, Milo!

This post comes a little late, but we very happily celebrated Milo's first birthday a little over a month ago. It is so hard to believe that we really went through all the craziness that we experienced last year when we look at his adorable little face. He's really just a perfectly happy, healthy little kid. He's recently started walking and continues to meet every developmental milestone. You'd never know how close we came to losing him.

Here's a picture from Milo's birthday party (also showing the amazing cake that Laurie made) and a great one from his one-year photoshoot.


  1. Wonderful, I am Velvet from the IC support forums. I remember Milo's story well. I had lost my Charlie and my little miracle Everett is now 2. So glad to see you little doing so well. He is so handsome

    Are the forums still going? I can't find the link anymore and I would love to check on everyone! Thanks!

  2. oh and I meant these boards ic.­hobh.­org/­forums...the link is not working and I'm not sure who to contact. Thx

  3. Hey Velvet, wonderful to hear from you. Unfortunately, due to a lack of donation funds and and frankly very little traffic on the IC forums for most of this year, Danah had to make the very difficult decision to shut the forums down indefinitely. It really is a true shame, that site was an amazing living repository of so much wonderful knowledge, stories, and information about IC.

    I've connected with a few of the wonderful women on the forum via Facebook, so if you ever want to connect through that, please do feel free to stay in touch. Happy to hear Everett is doing so well.

    1. I would love to connect, thanks Daniel and I am so sorry to hear Danah had to shut it down. I was only away for bit and now it is gone. It makes me sad because of all the connections I made there and losing the posts with Charlie's story and so many others.

  4. Hey, chanced upon ur blog thru a comment u made on BC IC group on my post.. really heartening to read ur story!! Milo is absolutely beautiful and lovely!! God bless!

  5. Aww! Milo is cute and must have gained full attention of all guests at his birthday party. Princess theme party arranged by my brother for her daughter was the best. Liked the decorations with bunting, sparkling stars and signage board installed for guests. Interior of one of the affordable venues in Los Angeles booked online was also praiseworthy.